Needs driven research is considered key for Kenya to achieve the thresholds required for substantial impacts on health and socio-economic development envisioned in Kenya’s Vision 2030, accelerate actions needed to effectively address the double burden of malnutrition faced by the country and meet the targets endorsed by the World Health Assembly. In the short – medium term, the ARN will utilise a consultative process to develop a clear and realistic research agenda focused on innovative approaches to facilitate science driven and evidence based nutrition policies and programming.

Recognizing that considerable information and data needed for effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of nutrition is already available, the ARN will provide technical expertise to analyse and synthesize available national studies and make appropriate recommendations for scaling up nutrition actions. This will allow policymakers to make evidence-based decisions on nutrition policy and programming.

ARN will also establish national and regional knowledge and information sharing platforms for public health, nutrition and food security stakeholders and policy makers in the country and facilitate linking research and science to policy making and improved programming. On-going capacity strengthening of researchers and professionals to enhance linkages between science and decision and policy making is key. The focus will be on pragmatic, operations-oriented implementation research.

A key focus of the SUN Movement is the strengthening of functional capacities needed for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating multi-sector and multi-stakeholder plans for scaling up nutrition in counties. These capacities enable Governments and other stakeholders to manage action across different sectors, among multiple stakeholders and between many levels of government. The linkage between science and academia and the decision – policy-making process is cross-cutting. The ARN will create in-country collaboration between decision-makers and scientists to improve their ability to articulate research needs and appropriately use evidence.